Adult Acne Remedy Secrets

While acne is often considered to be a teenage dilemma, approximately half of all adults also have to deal with the troubling skin disease. Many suffer in silence and embarrassment because they feel that they should have “grown out of it.” Doctors are not 100% sure what causes acne, or that there is even a […]

Lets Take A Look at Back Acne

A Look at Back Acne and What You Can Do About It Acne is a common problem for both adults and teenagers. The most common perception of acne is that it occurs on the face, which is the most observable form of acne. However, if you have acne, you know that it can occur in […]

Why Do Adults Still Get Acne

The Causes of Adult Acne Many people think that acne is a problem limited to teenagers and their raging hormones.  However, there are millions of adults that suffer from adult acne.  This embarrassing condition leaves many of them wondering what the best treatment options are and what they can do to get rid of it. […]

Questions And Answers About Adult Acne

Four Common Questions and Answers about Adult Acne While there are many adults suffering from adult acne, many do not understand anything about it. There are many questions that they may have about the condition, and here is a look at some of the more common ones and their answers. What is acne? That is […]

What Professionals Have To Say About Your Acne

Would you like to find out what skincare experts have to say about acne? The information in the article below comes straight from experts in the skincare field such as dermatologists and others who care for skin everyday and have special knowledge about acne. Acne is a skin inflammation that is localized and is a […]

Acne And How It Will Affect You

Acne is more common than you think. This skin inflammatory disease is caused by changes in the skin around the hair follicle and the oil glands. Known as acne vulgaris, it affects people of all ages and races all around the world. You may be surprised to see how many people actually suffer from acne. […]

Dear Doctor Can I Get A Prescription To Treat My Acne

Acne Prescriptions While many people only have to deal with the occasional acne breakout, just as many other people have to deal with severe cases of acne. Sometimes, the acne can be bad enough to need the assistance of a professional to take care of it. This means a trip to the dermatologist. If you […]