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Frequently Asked Questions
about Business Blogging

Frequently Asked Questions about Business Blogging If you are new to the world of business blogging, and you may have many questions when you're ready to get started.

Business blogging is a perfect way for you to get the word out about your product or service with business blogging.

You can potentially reach many customers that you would not have otherwise found. Here are some frequently asked questions about business blogging.

What exactly is blogging? When you keep a blog you are essentially keeping a journal on the Internet. Blogging can be made public, or you can keep your blogging private.

Most companies that blog for their business, have a very public blog for their customers and clients. They may write about a product or service or they may blog about their beliefs as a company. Some are updated several times a day, while others may be only updated once a day or once a week.

There are many different types of business blogs, and many companies now use these instead of traditional forms of advertising. Where can I find business blogs? As you begin to research business blogs on the Internet, it is always a good idea to visit other business blogs to get an idea of what is out there.

Most large companies will have some type of blog that you can read. The Internet is literally filled with thousands of different kinds of blogs. You can find business blogs by using a search engine to find information about a specific product, business or service. Read these blogs carefully and find out what is appealing to you so that you get ideas for your own business blog.

How often would I update a business blog? The number of times that you update your business blog will depend on you. There are some businesses that want to keep their readers in the know about every product and service they offer.

For this reason, they may choose to update their blog as frequently as two or three times a day. More realistically, a business blog should be updated at least once a day or even once a week will work for many companies.

The reason that you want to update your blog frequently is to keep your readers interested in what you have to say. If you have an outdated blog on your website, you will lose your readership quickly. What do I say in my business blog? You can say anything you want when you keep a business blog.


However, keep in mind that you want to target your core audience. If, for example, you run a house cleaning service, then your target audience will be primarily busy women looking for a way to keep their house neat and clean.

You can keep a blog about the latest products for housekeeping or write about things that people can do to quickly and efficiently manage a household.

When you keep your target audience in mind, you will hold their interest and gain new customers, which is the whole point in blogging.