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When Should You See A Doctor for Your Acne

Acne can happen to people of all ages, not just teenagers, but both teenagers and adults.  It does not matter what race you are or what gender – acne can happen to anyone. Depending on the severity of the breakout, it can cause physical scarring and psychological effects to the people who suffer from it. […]

Searching For Medical Treatment For Adult Acne

One of the first steps that an individual should take when troubled by adult acne is to see a medical professional who can refer him to an expert in dermatology. In this fashion, the doctor can have a look at his skin type and define the method of treatment that will be right for him. […]

What Are The Causes of Acne Scarring

If you have, or have had acne, you may be concerned about acne scarring.  Besides the annoying breakouts, the scarring left behind is one of the biggest concerns of both adults and teenagers suffering acne. There are several types of acne scarring that can result in unsightly marks that can be difficult to get rid […]

Tips for Treating and Preventing Acne

No one likes to see acne staring back at him or her from the mirror. Treating acne so it disappears fast and better yet preventing future breakouts is what every teen dreams of doing. Here are some tips for treating and preventing acne that are based on the causes of acne. Washing your face with […]

Clear Up Acne The Natural Way

There are tons of over-the-counter acne creams, lotions, gels, and washes that you can buy to help clear up your acne and most of these products do work well. The problem is that most of these products contain chemicals that can irritate your skin and skin irritation is one of the causes of acne! Why […]

At Home Acne Treatments

Most everyone develops acne at some point and caring properly for acne at home is important in order to minimize the appearance of acne and to help clear it up. Acne comes in several forms including pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, and cysts. Severe acne can leave both physical scars and emotional scars. The symptoms of acne […]

Some Common Acne Treatments

Every day, thousands of people walk into a drugstore looking for an over the counter treatment for their acne.  There they are faced with a myriad of decisions and options to choose from.  Here is a look at the common types of acne treatments. Millions of people suffer from acne. The condition does not care […]