Do Chocolates Actually Exacerbate An Acne Condition?

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There’s a common perception that consuming chocolate can worsen acne. Though this theory is not based on scientific studies, many individuals with acne-prone skin refrain from eating chocolates to be able to restrain their acne.

Recent experiments carried out on the subject demonstrate that chocolate on it’s own is not damaging to the skin.

The impression that chocolates can intensify an acne condition isn’t really absolutely without basis however.

While chocolate itself has a low glycemic index most chocolate bars available on the market have increased sugar content.

Our levels of insulin can skyrocket due to the increased glycemic nature of refined sugars, and this can lead to elevated hormone activity that may worsen acne.

One more theory is that the simple sugars aren’t stored by the body and are usually distributed around the body so it can be used right away.

This is the reason why some athletes, bikers or outdoor adventurers munch on high energy bars.

They consume glucose before a race to set the glands in a state of hyper-activity, giving it an immediate energy boost. This can result in an over secretion of sebum and as a result you will experience an acne outbreak.

But here is a piece of good news. You probably need not entirely avoid those mouth-watering chocolate bars in case you have acne.

You’re still able to take pleasure in the dark type of chocolate bars. Unlike your regular chocolate bar, dark chocolate isn’t going to induce negative effects that may worsen you acne.

Dark chocolate, when taken in moderation, will not add on to your acne dilemma or make you more susceptible to the skin disorder.

In reality, dark chocolate is made up of no less than 72% cocoa solids, which may actually help cure acne as it is often among the richest dietary sources of anti-inflammatory antioxidants.

Specialists also recommend that individuals who are at risk of acne shouldn’t go for energy bars.

Since energy bars are developed to offer you a jump-start, they have a high quantity of simple sugars and also caffeine which could worsen an acne breakout. The increased levels of energy in your body may also power up your skin glands and thereby worsen acne.

Your diet plays a major part in acne elimination and skin care. A person must start on a more healthy diet to treat or prevent acne.

You must also put a lot of effort into keeping the skin cleaner and healthier, and it will benefit anyone to embark on a good acne treatment system.

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