Effective Solutions and Advice to Treat Acne!

What is acne?

Acne is a genetic or hormonal condition affecting the skin. It is triggered most often during puberty when we have an intense hormonal imbalance, but adult acne has also increased. Classic signs are infected breakouts or blackheads, pimples, pustules and in the most severe cases cysts.

What can I do to help myself?

Superb skin care and hygiene is critical to help keep breakouts under control. Thorough removal of excess oil and bacteria is critical as these cause the condition further.Caution must be taken to avoid the use products which contain ingredients that will aggravate the condition.

What can I do to seek help?

If you experience ongoing breakouts, you should seek help from a Pevonia skin care specialist who could refer you to a dermatologist if the condition is very severe. More often than not people are treating their acne with good regular facial treatments and effective complementary home care.

What sort of products should I use?

Pevonia UK has meticulously eliminated all known allergens and irritants from the product line. They are all 100% water-soluble and non-comodogenic. It is very important to use the right products. If this is practiced you could avoid the use of medical drugs. The choice of incorrect products will likely do more harm than good.

What lifestyle changes should I make?

Take steps to reduce stress, drink plenty of water, reduce caffeine, nicotine and salt intake. All of these will help the body and its natural defence to work effectively.

Is acne vulgaris the same as acne rosacea?

No, Acne Vulgaris is more common through puberty and is caused by over-active sebaceous oil flow, which leads to clogging and inflammation. Acne Rosacea tends to affect the older person during the second major hormonal change, the menopause, though it can also be found in younger men and women. Caused by blood vessels of the face becoming inflamed and swollen, the skin can become permanently reddened with pustules and papules.

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