Get Rid Of Your Acne Problem

Sebaceous gland

Acne has many names and there are many factors that cause this problem.

Hormonal imbalance due to excess of testosterone in the body, excessive stress in daily life, improper dietary habits, monthly periods – these are just some of the reasons behind acne.

Teenagers are susceptible but this problem affects all ages. Of course, exam stress, work stress, improper sleep patterns, improper diet pattern, bad lifestyle, monthly periods -there are wider range of causes that lead to this problem.

It is worst in teenagers and comparatively less in people belonging to the other age groups. Or else avoid black heads or whiteheads will occur on the face. Avoid using chemicals that can lead to problems.

Take proper precautions when purchasing soaps and lotions.

Understand your skin type. Avoid excessive fragrances and opt for mild soaps Avoid products with excessive fragrances. While selecting face wash, go for the gentle or mild soap which is without fragrance.

Using a mild face wash is also a good solution. It is only going to make things worse. Oil attracts dust and other impurities. While washing you can either splash water in it or use mild face wash which suits your skin type.

Use a mild suitable face wash Washing your face similarly but using not aware that belongs to somebody else is only going to make things worse. Don’t wipe it harshly.

Do not borrow towels. Do not use the same towel on a daily basis. Lot of oil is not good for acne but there is no direct connection between the two. If it makes you feel better, stay away from oily foods and eat healthy foods only. Improve your dietary habits and have lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Drinking lots of water is also beneficial for staying acne. Minimum 7 hours sleep is required for any healthy person.

While putting any medicine to acne use cotton or tissue as there are chances of infection. It is good for your skin if you consume these foodstuffs daily.

Consult with your doctor and make sure the medicine you purchase is suitable for your skin.

If you apply medicine using your own hand or if you do not consider your skin type, chances are high that infection is only going to increase. Try eating less oil or fat free food. Control your food consumption and avoid oily foods.

However, if the problem has covered your face or has lasted more than a month, you should take remedial action immediately. Going to the doctor is advisable in such circumstances.

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