Is It Time To Visit Your Dermatologist About Your Facial Acne

When to Consult Your Dermatologist about Facial Acne

If you have acne, you may have felt like it was something that you just have to live with. Maybe you have tried some remedies only to have them fail. Maybe you have thought you should see a dermatologist, but have put it off.

There is no set time when you should definitely consult a dermatologist, as everyone’s acne is different. A lot of it is determined by your personal comfort level with the skin condition. Some people are bothered by their first pimple, while others are only concerned when a breakout becomes severe.

For example, most teenagers have to deal with acne to some extent as a result of their changing hormones. While this is a totally normal response to their body changes, and generally goes away on its own, some teenagers get it worse than others, and some have a harder time dealing with it. During a time when they are already uncomfortable with their changing bodies, it may be worth the trip to the dermatologist.

You should also consider a dermatologist if you are a teenager if your acne is getting progressively worse, if you see that you are getting acne scars as a result of the redness and swelling, or if you have persistent inflammation that is not going away on its own. A dermatologist may be able to advise treatment options for you before your acne gets any worse.

However, teenagers are not the only people who may be considering a visit to their dermatologist as a result of their acne. Many adults face the problem as well, though it is often for different reasons.

Hormones during pregnancy can cause acne, as can illness, hormonal imbalances, poor hygiene, and even your genetics. Deciding whether or not to seek the help of a dermatologist is a personal decision, and often depends on the severity of your outbreaks.

If you are constantly facing breakouts, have acne that is painful or inflamed, or are starting to see scarring as a result of your acne, it may be time to seek a dermatologist. If it is merely the occasional pimple or blackhead, it is probably not worth the time to set up a doctor visit and insurance co-payments.

Your dermatologist will best be able to advise you of treatments to control your acne, or let you know if something you are doing is contributing to the severity of your acne outbreaks. If you have a mild case of acne, your doctor can let you know of a wash or medication that you can apply during breakouts.

Other times, you may need a stronger medication. Since acne is often a hormonal response, there is not always much that you can do on your own. For severe cases, you may need a medication that fights the production of hormones and excess oil production to help keep your pores clear. For women, sometimes something as simple as changing the type of birth control that they use can make all the difference in the severity of their acne.

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