Lets Take A Look at Back Acne

A Look at Back Acne and What You Can Do About It

Acne is a common problem for both adults and teenagers. The most common perception of acne is that it occurs on the face, which is the most observable form of acne.

However, if you have acne, you know that it can occur in other places as well, such as on the chest and on the back.

While chest and back acne is not as obvious to the outside observer, it can be very annoying for those who suffer from it. And unfortunately, chest and back acne is often more difficult to treat than the acne that you have on your face.

Plus, the traditional treatments and cleansers that you buy for your face will often not work as effectively, if at all, for your back acne.

And since your chest and back is often covered by clothing, you can experience more irritation from the rubbing of materials against it.

Just as you do with your facial acne, you will need a daily treatment routine for your back acne.

Most common regimens include a cleanser followed with a moisturizer. Often, it is more difficult to apply medication to your back acne because of where it is located, so you may need to enlist the help of a family member or a lotion applicator.

Watch the type of clothing that you wear, since this could be aggravating your back acne. Rough materials or tight-fitting shirts can rub against your skin, irritating the acne and increasing oil production, causing more breakouts.

You may also be aware of the type of detergent and fabric softeners that you use. Sometimes having a sensitivity to the fragrance can irritate back acne more, so you may need to change your detergent to a different brand or even one of the dye and fragrance free varieties.

Watch what you are carrying on you back as well.

For teenagers and young adults in school, as well as those who do a lot of hiking and backpacking, heavy backpacks can make back acne conditions worse.

If you are seeing an increase in the number of acne breakouts along your shoulder or back where the backpack lies, you may need to stop using it for a while.

A shoulder bag can help in the interim. Once you have successfully treated and eliminated the back acne, you can try using the backpack again.

A dermatologist can help assist you with the diagnosis and treatment of back acne.

First your doctor will determine how bad of a case you have, such as mild, moderate, or severe. You may also need to have your skin type evaluated to see if you have oily, dry, or combination skin.

Your dermatologist will also want to hear a history of the acne condition, such as how long you have had it and how frequent outbreaks are, and any past history of skin conditions that you have suffered from.

All of this allows him or her to determine the best course of treatment and medication to cure your individual case of back acne.

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