Proper Way to Pop Pimples

You can just easily squeeze zits if you want to rid pimples fast. You don’t need to use those overnight methods. One quick prick of your hand and the ooze comes out never to be seen again.

However, you can’t just do this when you want to. In fact, you might have more problem if you try to get rid of pimples that way. Still, that doesn’t mean that you’re going to let that large whitehead live on your forehead for some time. Although most people don’t know this, some pimple types can be safely popped. However, there is a proper procedure for this method. If you don’t. them you’ll find yourself dealing with a harder to treat scar. Now, for those who want to learn how to eliminate pimples, here’s what you should do.

Use a Needle

You can use a needle to rid pimples fast simply by pricking the top part. Of course, you’ll need to sterilize a needle first, preferably with an alcohol. Once you’ve pricked it, then you can squeeze the pimple by applying pressure downwards. Let all the white stuff inside the pimple to come out of the opening. After this, you can use a towel to wipe the white off. You can also use a tissue paper, whatever’s handy as long as it’s clean. After that, a small amount of blood should flow out. You can also allow some of the blood to get out before finally patting the pimple clean.

Using your Hand

If you don’t have a needle, then your hands will just be as effective. But first, make sure you have cleaned them thoroughly. Face a mirror and put your hands on the base of the pimple. Push down so that the pus will move upwards. Clean it off with a towel or a tissue paper. Also allow some blood to ooze out until the bump is considerable lessened.

Pimples that can be Popped

If you want to learn how to remove pimples, you should first find out how to identify ripe pimples. What you should look for are pimples that have this yellow or white pus on the middle. This is what you want to remove.

Leave the pimple alone if it doesn’t rupture automatically. What this means is that the pimple is not yet ripe for removal and may leave a scar. Remember that its possible for you to get a scar if you try to pop pimples that are not yet ready. If so, then scars will be definitely harder to remove.

If you have more than one pimple, don’t try to pop them all. What you should do here is ask the help of a professional or use other treatment methods available.

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