Tips for Treating and Preventing Acne

No one likes to see acne staring back at him or her from the mirror.

Treating acne so it disappears fast and better yet preventing future breakouts is what every teen dreams of doing.

Here are some tips for treating and preventing acne that are based on the causes of acne.

  • Washing your face with a mild soap and warm water twice a day is the single most important thing you can do for your face. Acne is caused by excess oil clogging the pores of your face so getting rid of the oil are going to help prevent pimples.
  • Avoid makeup that contains oil, you do not want to add oil to your face; you want to get rid of oil that is on it.
  • Unclog pores by using a pore strip or mask that will pull the blackheads out of the pores. Never squeeze a pimple or blackhead; doing so will only make your acne worse.
  • Check labels of skin care products and if you find alcohol among the ingredients do not buy it. Alcohol will dry out your face and irritate the skin. Irritation is one cause of acne.
  • Remove excess oil and dead skin cells with an exfoliate.
  • Picking, squeezing and generally messing around with the acne on your face is a big no no. Leave the acne alone.
  • Avoid the sun; most skin care medications are sun sensitive so wear a sun block.
  • Use a fresh razor every time; prepare your face for shaving by softening the beard. Use sensitive shaving gels and lotions. Limit your shaving to when you absolutely must shave. Do not shave too close.
  • Choose oil-free makeup and skin care products or water based products. Do not go to sleep wearing makeup.
  • Good diet is essential to healthy skin. Fruits and vegetables and plenty of water is what the skin needs to heal quicker and prevent bacteria from grabbing hold of your skin.
  • Water is used to remove dead skin cells and to unblock pores, so drink up!
  • Look for and use natural skin care products to avoid irritants in many commercial products that can cause skin acne.
  • Exercise can actually help acne by improving blood flow to the skin, which will help support the healing process.

Above all, be patient if you are following the tips above, your skin should show some improvement very soon.

Remember acne happens to everyone. If you find yourself with a particular bad case of acne, do something about it.

Make strides to follow home remedies, or find the time to seek proper medical advice. Get recommendations from friends about what works for them.

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  1. I noticed that this is not the first time at all that you write about this topic. Why have you chosen it again?

  2. To get rid of acne. Try a gentle clesnaer. One that is glycerin or sorbitol based will be good and it does not need to be expensive. Cetaphil and Neutrogena has some pretty good ones. Try Cetaphilae Gentle Skin Cleanser. Proactiv works for some people it clears up for a while but acne may come back. It is also very harsh on your skin and may dry it all up, definitely not for people with sensitive skin. My friend said it corroded and bleached her metal sink so if it can do that to the sink, think of what it is doing to your face. So Proactiv is a no no. Wash your face at least twice a day and everytime after you perspire. If your skin is the oily kind, you do not need to apply any moisturizer, your skin oils are enough to keep it hydrated. If you really must apply a gentle light oil free one. Cetaphilae Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF 15 or Cetaphilae Moisturizing Lotion is quite good Apply pimple cream to the acne area. Try benzoyl peroxide low strength(2.5%) first. Don’t pick poke scrub or pop your pimples unless you want scars which are really ugly. Scrubbing clesnaers or washes are also no-nos because it equals picking and poking and makes acne worse Treated pimples gently.Eat healthy. Make sure you drink plenty of water. Cut down on sugar and carb intake. Foods like chocolates, coffee, soda drinks, bread, rice potatoes or anything starchy and sugary are no-nos. Cut down on oily and fried foods also. Go for grilled, steamed or baked food. Make sure you eat lots of fruits and vegatables. Ensure that your diet is rich in vitamin A, C, E and Omega-3 which are important for the skin. Less stress and sleeping enough is also important. Not having enough sleep is like putting stress on your body. Makes sure you sleep at 8 hours a day.If all else fails, it is time to see a dermatologist. The pills and medications do work but you may have to take them long term to suppress the acne as it is not a cure and acne is a chronic disease. However the pills are not miracles and you won’t see results in 2-3 days. It normally takes about 2 weeks to see the difference. However not all dermatologists prescribe pills unless your acne is really bad. The pills will include antibiotics, accutane and contraceptives. If your acne isn’t that bad, dermatologists will prescribe topical creams first. If you are really going to a dermatologist, I suggest asking about a product known as Retin-A that treats acne and acne marks and heals the scars.

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